Down By The River

I took a stroll along a stretch of The Wandle today, I love living close to a river. On my return, thoughts turned to this week’s free art drop, the 80th consecutive week of the project. Here’s what emerged from head onto paper, via paintbrushes.


Tools of the trade.

I’ve recently started using Pebeo paints as an alternative to Liquitex Heavy Body. There are a few iridescent shades in their range. Here’s most of what I used to make this picture, there’s also a mix of Winsor and Newton water colour in the background, not shown here.


Autumn Leaf

Continuing the Autumn theme. I love the colours on show at this time of year, it’s a pleasure to try and replicate them. This design was inspired by some leaves Keira found last week, and the finished work became the most recent free art drop. Coincidentally, it was found by someone who has just returned from a trip to Canada, and they’ve shared the design on line today to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

I’ve included this new design in the made to order section of my Etsy shop – so if you want one, you know where to go 😉

Thank You

It rained hard here yesterday afternoon. Once the rain had passed, Carole suggested that the three of us go for a stroll. We went out hoping to find things that we could photograph to represent the letters in the words, ‘thank you’. As you can see – we had to give nature a helping hand at times, but after an interesting, and very focussed stroll, we found what we were looking for.

Thank You

Is this art? I guess so – it’s an artistic representation at least. I’ve not shared photography on this site before now, I tend to use Instagram a lot for pictures, and I’m reacquainting myself with Flickr again too. I’ll probably pursue my photography interests over at Instagram and Flickr for the most part – but I found this particular photographic challenge fitted with my art and learning aspirations – so here it is.