Saint Cupid

I sometimes use the word stupid in conversation. Keira tells me off about it. A lot.  Keira thinks it’s rude and prefers me to say Saint Cupid instead. I’m OK with that.

Saint Cupid = Stupid.

I think the equation balances even better like this: Cupid = Stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I love love, I just love it because it happens naturally. Not because the greeting card/restaurant/flower business tells me I should. And I hope and hope with all my heart (see what I did there) that no lovely HR people are planning on loading Cupid’s bow next Tuesday? ‘Oooh it’s Valentine’s Day next week – let’s have some dumbass meaningless feelgood initiative.’ Please – don’t do it. It’s Saint Cupid.

Love your family. Love your work. Love your people. Love your customers. Because you want to, when you want to, when you’ve earned it.

Note: this curmudgeonly moan does not extend to chocolate. I’m happy to accept chocolate 24/7, heart shaped or otherwise. 

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