Museum Piece : An Invitation To The Tate

Carole and I recently visited the ceramics department at the V&A museum. We were blown away by the range and quality of what we saw, here are just a few examples.

As we left the museum, I spotted a jar of seed markers on sale, and bought a few. I knew I wanted to do something artistic with them, I just wasn’t sure what.


Seeing how they were meant to be used in a garden – I returned to a previous favourite of mine, the poppy. I worked up an abstraction of poppy heads on the reverse of the sticks.


I’m really pleased with how these turned out. I should have left it there, but sometimes it’s tempting to keep on keeping on, and before I knew it…


…I’d gone too far. I really didn’t like what I saw in front of me so I painted over this image.


Frustrated, I abandoned the work. A few days later, I went to a preview of the new wing of the Tate Modern with a couple of good friends. We had a great time, and on my return home – I painted a version of the graphic which was on our preview invitation, onto the blank seed marker ‘canvas’.

An Invitation To The Tate

I certainly didn’t imagine this when I first spotted the seed markers at the V&A, and I’m OK with the fact that I’ve ended up with an abstraction of a museum, painted onto something I bought at…a museum.



Cut Outs – Postcards

We visited the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition at Tate Modern this weekend. It’s a wonderful show of some simply beautiful work by one of my favourite artists. After visiting the exhibition, we headed off to a party and on the way, stopped off at a bar for a drink. In the bar, Keira and I had a go at making some cut outs of our own. Keira’s is titled Angel and Birds, mine is called The Lamp.

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Much later, we took the train home after the party, and we each decided to make another card. We didn’t have long and it was fun completing this work in a hurry. Keira cleverly used some purple pieces of card left over from my earlier card to make House By The Sea. I love the way Keira has overlaid the blue pieces of card to give the sea some depth. Mine is untitled.

We used glue, coloured card, and white card coloured in with Letraset Promarkers to make these postcards.