The London Group : Open 2017

I have just finalised my entry to The London Group Open 2017 art exhibition. This is only the second time I’ve submitted work for an exhibition, and I’m excited to see how things go. I will be submitting more work into exhibitions in future, at times I want to push myself and I think repeating this challenge will help.

I’ve chosen two works from my Elemental Art Series. Door To The River, and Autumn Fire (On Blue). The first is acrylic on canvas, and the second, acrylic and gold leaf on paper. If my work is selected I can only display one piece at the exhibition, and I will find out if I am succesful at the end of September. I’ll keep you posted. Exciting times!

Door To The River.jpg

Autumn Fire On Blue.jpg

Update. My work wasn’t selected. I let a local artists group know, and got some useful feedback from friends.

Neal said: ‘…it’s not a vote on the quality of your work more a vote of if your work fits in with the exhibition gallery selector selection committee gallery owner and sponsors. So it is a lottery. Well done for taking part.’

Jackie said: ‘It’s also the process of applying that makes you look at your work more objectively before submitting to their criteria. That’s a great lesson right there.’