Sweet Tweets

I participated in the fourth ConnectingHR Unconference yesterday. It was great, useful and fun. There’s a super write up about The Buzz in the Room by Alison Chisnell. I’m sure lots more blogs and other content will emerge very soon, for now I’d like to share just a few tweets that resonated with me:

@charlie_elise: Negative capability – being able to cope with uncertainty. >>When you relax into this, it is great fun.

@workessence: If you can’t measure it, its probably interesting. >>Yep! Worth a look at least.

Respect me, not my authority! >>Eric Cartman might not agree

Trust. Role model it upwards, don’t wait for the CEO. Doing what we say we will is everyone’s job.

I feel the need to meet! Community thrives on some eye contact.

Overheard: if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for everything. >>Subsequently discovered this was said by @sarmason

I’ve eaten my own weight in biscuits today @alisonchisnell

If a particular tweet or two caught your eye from yesterday’s event – please share it.