Creative Leadership – T Minus 24

I was going to head this post ‘Creative Leadership – The Final Countdown’ but I was worried that might leave a certain long haired rock band impression in your mind, and that wouldn’t do, would it?

Exploring pathways to creativity and collaboration with clients is a key part of why I love what I do. This exploration is woven into many of the projects I’ve been privileged to engage with over the last few years. In recent months I’ve been contemplating pulling some of these threads together to make a stronger rope, and as part of my New Year Evolution – in January I committed to the launch of Creative Leadership.

February 28th 2013 is go live day. I am very excited and of course, a little nervous. How will it go? Will people notice? Will people like the idea enough to book onto a workshop and come and play? Who knows. What I do know is, if I don’t make this commitment to creativity and collaboration, then I may as well pack up and go home. As an idea in my head, it is next to useless. As of tomorrow, it is real. Back in 2011, Ken Robinson, author of ‘Out of Our Minds’, said, “Creativity is not some exotic, optional extra. It’s a strategic issue.” I think he is right, how about you?

Creative Leadership – Pick and Mix

Joe Gerstandt shared this creativity list earlier this week via the Creativity Matters Facebook page, and in turn I’d like to pass it on to you.

33 Ways to Stay Creative

When it comes to pathways to creativity and collaboration, they are many and varied. I think this simple acknowledgement is something many businesses overlook when they implore their staff to collaborate more, and be more creative.

Perhaps like me, you are not sold on all 33 items in this list, and that’s fine, but there are a lot of useful suggestions on here, and I’m sure some will work for you. So try some, and maybe try a different flavour to your favourites too? Something you wouldn’t normally choose. Go on – no one’s looking and you can always spit it out if you really don’t like it. Pick and mix.

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Creative Leadership – My Wrong is Your Right

A few days ago, I wrote about a creative experiment I undertook. I said that the first stage of the experiment was ‘awful. It’s overcrowded, it’s a mess.’ I was referring to this sketch:

Creative Leadership #1

The day after the post was published, I got an email from Donna, who wrote with reference to the sketch saying, ‘Loved the first picture more than the rest!’ Donna also said how much she enjoyed the quote from Rob Jones that I included in the blog post, but I’m not going to mention that otherwise he’ll get big-headed!

I had thrown the sketch away, at least as far as my office paper recycling pile, so I retrieved it and it is now on its way to Donna, along with this, a further spontaneous part of the experiment.

Splashing Around


I’m grateful for Donna being in touch, her note taught me that sometimes my wrong is your right. When you are experimenting on your own, that’s OK, and when your experimenting on a path to more collaborative ways of working, sometimes we need to consider a broader perspective.