Jamming Again

I’m going to help pull together another jam session soon. This time I think we’ll call it Development Jam, with the emphasis on ideas, propositions, that kind of thing. The format is simple. You rock up with your idea, agree a few ground rules for the day then share it, pitch it or maybe just develop it further with the help of your fellow jammers. I don’t know much more about Development Jam right now other than:

  • It’s likely to be on a Friday
  • It’s likely to be in London

These sessions are quite intimate gatherings. It’s a fine balance between having enough people to get a good mix of diversity, and not too many so that everyone gets their fair share of time. Your financial investment is limited to venue cost, a few basic materials and lunch. Budget for up to £150 and that should leave room for a beer afterwards. I have a few people interested already, a few more would be nice. 

Watch this space.