8 thoughts on “Slave to the Rhythm”

  1. I would also ask, why are they asking an LI group> Simples – ask co-workers what information they would like shared, how they would like it, how they would like to get involved and Bob’s your uncle. If they don’t want to get involved or don’t respond, you probably have your answer.

    1. Indeed – I hinted at that in the post and your version is much better. Can you repost it at 2pm on Thursday please? 🙂

  2. check-the-box, check-the-box, check-the-box…

    It seems we are using an overly broad definition of “communication”. As you point out, why worry about timing more than content? If it’s worth reading, I’ll read it. If it’s not, I’ll delete it – doesn’t really matter what time I receive it.

  3. Hi Doug,

    We did a similar experiment when sending out emails for all our surveys (and continue to keep an eye on this sort of thing, but not religiously).

    The change in day/time only really seems to affect the *immediate* click-thru rate, not the *eventual* response rate. You can email on a Saturday and actually get a very good response rate overall. If the initial number of responses are low because it landed over the weekend, you’ll get a spike on Monday. If it was successful because it landed over the weekend, you’ll likely see fewer opens on the Monday than typical (for day 3).

    Unless you email on a black Friday or cyber Friday or whatever day that is.
    Or you’re emailing hockey results from Saturday’s games.

    Variety is the spice of life!

    1. Thanks Dan, this is a really helpful additional perspective which I would hope will encourage people to be a little more relaxed about these things. Appreciate hearing from you, and though I’m not too fussed about Saturday’s hockey right now, I’d love to know who is going to win the Seahawks/Saints matchup in the NFL tonight. Got any news on that please?

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