Away Day

I’m scribbling this blog on my iPhone travelling into London for the cipd social media conference.

Today is an away day for me in the sense that I’m out and about, and an away day in the sense that I’ll be fiddling with the controls on the cipd tumblr again.

If you are at the conference today please come and say hello. If you are not, then follow the day’s events at the tumblr and on twitter using the hashtag #cipdsocial13

Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Away Day”

    1. Thanks Tim – how might you define ‘proper stuff’ please? I’m hearing lots of reference to the uncontrollable nature of what happens on social – and that getting comfortable with that is essential. Lots of talk about co-creation too. For me, this stuff is needed but I think that stuff like reward mechanisms get in the way and that, as yet, is not being discussed.

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