Filling In The Gaps

I’ve been investing a lot lately, in you and me, in us. I’ve made the slightest tweak to my Twitter bio and I’m using it…

Credo. Together beats apart. Flow beats worklife balance. Productive beats busy. Connection gives us meaning, conversations are the bond.

…and my most recent seven word autobiography as guiding lights. Sometimes the lights are dim, sometimes bright. Sometimes the lights take an orderly direction, sometimes they meander.

I grow increasingly certain about uncertainty, increasingly confident about vulnerability, and the vitality of momentum is not lost on me either.

A blank page is both an excitement and a challenge. Will that first mark land in the right place? I was doodling as part of my curation role at the CIPD conference this week, and I made many mistakes. The first one bothered me. Uncertainty and vulnerability. Grrr! The second and subsequent mistakes turned out to be guiding lights on the way to something I was happy to share. As I realised this – things flowed more easily. Momentum.

2014 is nearly upon us. So far there is meaningful, useful, exciting work in the What Goes Around diary for January. February. March. April. And there is room for more, and there will be more.

I am thankful and encouraged. In being encouraged, I hope in some small way I am encouraging too.

Guiding lights. Blank pages. Filling in the gaps.

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

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