Leap Day Rising

The waiting is over, Leap Day 2020 is here.

Leap Day #1

Back in 2012, a few days after my Dad died, I decided to take advantage of the extra day we had that year, and something called Leap Day happened. The two things are not closely related, but it is interesting for me to look back and be reminded that even in the immediate aftermath of dealing with a bereavement, wonderful creative things can happen. And Leap Day 2012 was indeed wonderful, both in ways we might have expected, and in ways we couldn’t possibly have foretold.

Leap Day #2

2016 eventually arrived, and with it, another Leap Day. It was once again wonderful, albeit a completely different experience. Leap Day 2016 was inspired by Alice In Wonderland, by thinking about legacy, and most of all, by the people who came along and made it happen. It also contained one of the seeds of what was to become my free art project, and for that I am grateful beyond measure.

Leap Day #3

February 29th is once again looming – and we are going to mark it with the third Leap Day. There was a time, not so very long ago – when I thought Leap Day 2020 would slide by unnoticed. I too was sliding, into depression, after experiencing fraud and a series of work projects unraveling in quick succession. I felt foolish and worthless and developed an unhealthy fear of rejection. I withdrew into loneliness – and while this felt like a good idea at the time, trust me, it sucks. It’s funny how often, the things that hurt the most, also offer the best opportunities to learn. Thanks to excellent friends and an outstanding local counselling service, I am fortunate to be able to look back and reflect on these experiences. Leap Day 2020, let’s go.

This year I plan to encourage playfulness as much as creativity and uncertainty. Everything we do or do not do will be offered in a spirit of generosity and curiosity. I am deliberately choosing not to practice some of the ideas I’ve had for the day, preferring instead to approach the experience with as close to the same sense of not knowing, as everyone else.

People tell me good things about Leap Day.  ‘It’s a wonderful day’ ‘A fab catalyst’ ‘Leap Day inspires me’. I’d love you to take part in this one, to inspire others, and be inspired. If you can get to the National Theatre in London on Saturday February 29th for 10.30am, please join us. And if you can’t make it – well there might just be another one in four years time.

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

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