Come Over to the Dark Side

I’m giving a talk next week for Workplace Trends on the dark side of social media – what to do when it all goes horribly wrong, and I’d like your help please. I’m after some good social media screw up stories. As much as I like guitars I figured everyone’s pretty bored of United Airlines’ ability to break them, so what have you got? Hit me with your best shot.

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Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

4 thoughts on “Come Over to the Dark Side”

  1. Doug I wish I could be there to hear you speak – I am sure you will light up the room as always and leave everyone with valuable and practical nuggets.

    I am running a workshop on job searching using LinkedIn on Monday and may have some stories for you after that!

    All the best Katherine

  2. Lord McAlpine – falsely accused
    Mary Beard – Trolled
    Sandy Hook – Further false accusations on Facebook
    The trial by Twitter trend

    I stuck my neck out here as you will recall.

    As the Minnesotans say, “I could care less”, about policy, but when people get hurt we usually have to apply some control to limit bad outcomes. That is frustrating for good people, but necessary to protect the innocent.

    I would be interested in how this event goes and what can be learned. This is an important topic.


  3. Thanks for your feedback Katherine, lovely to hear from you. Hope your LinkedIn session goes really well and yes please, if you pick up any stories you can share – feel free.

    Anthony – thank you for all this input. I will do my best to absorb it along with the stuff I picked up on Twitter and Facebook and will let you know how the session goes.

    Cheers – Doug

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