9 Ways to Deliver Common Sense Customer Service

I really enjoy a visit to David Zinger’s site. He gets lots of folk involved in what employee engagement means. Like David, I believe that engagement is essential for the delivery of great service. Another guy who thinks the same is Phil Gerbyshak. Here are Phil’s 9 ways to deliver common sense customer service. Headlines only – take a trip to David’s excellent website for a bit more detail.


1. First impressions matter (a lot!)
2. Tune the customer in and the world out – When your customer is talking, listen to what they’re saying.
3. Please and thank you still count – Remember those manners your parents taught you? Use them…ALL THE TIME!
4. You don’t know everything (but you better still find the answer) – When you read it, you know it’s true.
5. Customers aren’t always right (but they are always the customer)
6. People’s names are like gold (learn them fast)
7. Your name matters too – Take a few moments to introduce yourself too.
8. Complaints are great– Complaints are an opportunity to fix what’s wrong.
9. Service recovery matters (a lot!)

Author: Doug Shaw

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