How to be kind – by Keira

How to be kind
How to be kind

A few thoughts from Keira (aged 8) on how to be kind. Keira asked to draw her blog post – here it is, she and I hope you like it.

How To Be Kind

Help people out
Say please and thank you
Don’t leave people out
Try to compliment people


Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

13 thoughts on “How to be kind – by Keira”

    1. Hi Noel – Keira’s in bed right now and I know she’ll be very pleased you took the trouble to write. Yup – it’s simple alright πŸ˜‰

  1. ‘Don’t Leave People Out’. As someone who has recently moved to the other end of the country and taken on a new job, this is one pertinent act of kindness that I have benefited from in recent months. It’s so simple – but so true – and lovely to see a beautiful drawing on the blog. Kudos Keira.

    1. Cheers Callum, you’re a super cool dude, I think that’s what Keira will say when I pass on your message. Great to see you earlier, hope we can manage a beer afore I head back dahn sahf!

  2. Very good points, Keira. It’s a shame that so many adults forget what they learnt about treating people kindly at Primary school!

    1. It is a shame isn’t it. I’ll ask Keira to have a think about how we might help people remember. And thanks for addressing your reply straight to Keira – she will appreciate that I’m sure πŸ™‚

  3. What great advice from Keira and so straight forward too. Not leaving people out is really important – I’m sure we can all remember an instance when we’ve felt like an outsider and someone has stepped forward and made the effort to include you. Such gestures have made a great impression on my feelings towards those people – whether I think of them now as being great friends, really nice people to work with or simply as friendly and sorted people that I’ve met along the way.

    I think that being kind to people is it’s own reward.

  4. Great work by Keira Doug. Nice way to share the perfect sentiments she expressed so elegantly. Reminds me of the Einstein quote “it’s amazing creativity survives a formal education”. So my spin on this inspired by Keira’s marvellous visual is “it’s amazing that in all the fighting, adversity and playing power-games in the world today, that the odd outburst of humanity and kindness survives and breaks out”.

    Good work this – you have a warm and gifted young lady there.

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