Fill in the blanks

The picture above was taken last Sunday. It shows Keira’s innocent smoothie letters collection, there are a few gaps. This is a story about how friends and social tools helped fill in the blanks.

facebook two

Tuesday evening, the postman has been and there are two letters for Keira. Two letters containing three letters, if you see what I mean?

And so now, everything is in its place.

Thanks to Sara Headworth and Belinda Unasing for their swift generosity.

And the next time someone asks you “where’s the return on investment on social media?”, maybe you should ask them to talk to Keira?

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

19 thoughts on “Fill in the blanks”

  1. ……um…..Holly has asked me to ask whether anyone has a C, M & X…..
    Willing to raid the piggy bank and pay hard cash or xchange (lots of Vs)….. Has Innocent deliberately under-produced Cs to create a secret commodities trading market…..?

    1. Hi Holly – We can help with the “x” – use the contact us page to send your home address and we’ll get on the case πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry, I don’t have the above letters, but I do have :-
    1 x d (dots)
    1 x h (hands)
    3 x i (2 x ink & 1 x ice cream)
    1 x k (knot)
    3 x n (2 x necklace & 1 x night)
    2 x o ( 1 x orange & 1 x octopus)
    1 x r (rain)
    1 x s (shark)
    1 x u (up)
    And 1 x w (wood)
    If anyone wants any?

    1. That is a mighty fine list thanks Sara. If anyone is interested – Keira’s swaps are up above in the first facebook screen grab – I’m loving this, wish I’d collected some now!

  3. Both my housemate and I collect these letters, mostly to make rude words on the fridge. We are missing loads, it’s a shame it was done on facebook which is a closed social network rather than twitter which is public where anyone can do a swap.

    1. Good point Daniel – this blog post is being tweeted about so it’s making its way out there. I should tweet Keira’s spares too – will do it later. Do you need any letters to help create more rudeness?

  4. Loving the sharing though I’m feeling like an old country bumpkin as I had no idea what you were talking about…

    It feels there may be a lesson in there [not David go buy Innocent Smoothies!]. Perhaps it’s to do with relevance which is why some companies/individuals struggle with social media.

    1. perhaps it is to do with relevance – I think it’s also a good indicator of how willing people are to help in a thriving community.

  5. How nice of you Doug/Keira. We’ll drop you a line.
    Lots of duplicates on our fridge (did you realise that most letters come in at least 2 versions/designs……?)

    1. It’s a bit like collecting Panini stickers eh? Ian Rush all over the place can’t get a John Aldridge for love nor money πŸ™‚

  6. πŸ™‚ there is some age or lifestyle thing going on here. I was unaware of the importance of innocence (smile) and only vaguely aware of “rush”ing. That said with the age if my daughter I can still name the telly tubbies.

    Relevance rules!

    1. Hello Ian – I confess rushing must have come right at the very end of my interest in Panini stickers. I can recall a bloke named Jim Cannon who played for Crystal Palace in the 1970s, I think I had a swap of him πŸ™‚

  7. “Rushing”……ah! We “begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive”….
    I love the fact this blog is now going global having been picked up by some of the international employee engagement network folk.
    The power and appeal of Panini, Innocence (now part owned by McDoalds) fridge magnets and telly tubbies πŸ˜‰

  8. Holly’s only slightly more excited at the prospect of blocking out more of the fridge than I was at seeing that clip…I enjoyed that…although a bit distracted by the fact that Mr Lifeson and I appear to have gained weight at the same pace down the years…….
    I was at the Grace Under Pressure gig at the NEC…..!
    Motorhead gig after that and then Kiss …all in the same 12 months.

  9. So does this mean Kiera has her own phone, twitter account and you pay? If not you should ! I got my youngest daughter her web address for her last birthday in Nov and introduced her to twitter – a pretty cheap deal she said! She just got work experience at Asos and they’ve been reading her blog – – a worthwhile investment for any parent!

    1. hey Peter – she’d love all that I’m not sure I can afford it! Like the web address idea – and it’s great to hear another example of social tools being used to make great connections, excellent stuff.

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