Serving up a Great Customer Experience

Here’s a nice starter and main course for you. I’ll bet the food tasted even better as a result!

We went into a restaurant at lunchtime to book for a future date. One of the party is in a wheelchair so we asked that the table be accessible – the person serving us went one better than that – he took us through to the restaurant and let us choose the table we thought best. When we chose the closest, he said it gets a draft from the door and recommended the one next to it.

Tracy Coulston

I had a fantastic customer experience the other night so thought I’d let you know. It was at Wahaca, a little Mexican restaurant just off Covent Garden set up by an ex Masterchef winner. It’s one of my favourites, fantastic food and great service (you can’t book so best to get there early or late to avoid queuing!)

Having just been on holiday to (name of country removed to avoid offending anyone please insert your choice of grumpy place here – ed.) where a request for water tends to be greeted by a sneer and occasionally the odd glass of water after your main but usually nothing, I was pleasantly surprised when the drinks at Wahaca arrived about 5 seconds after we ordered them. I had asked for a water and the waiter brought full glasses of water for the whole table plus two full jugs of water. It’s the simplest thing but no restaurants ever do that!

Sam Aling

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