Cards On The Table

I recently spent a really interesting day at my local college on a “Preparing for Professional Practice’ course. The day was full of good ideas, and I may well blog a summary at some point. For now – I want to focus on one particular question raised, that beingĀ ‘What’s the most important part of your marketing strategy?’

Much discussion about websites, flyers, and galleries ensued. Once we were all talked out, our tutor asked, ‘Who here has a business card?’ There were seven of us in the room, and only one of us could answer this question positively. Our tutor suggested that the humble business card is that most important part of the marketing strategy.

Initially I felt underwhelmed. I can’t remember the last time I ordered business cards, they’ve become somewhat unfashionable in many business circles I currently move in. The idea stuck in my head, and over a few weeks, it stayed stuck – niggling me. I decided to explore the niggle, and found myself looking through loads of my work, searching for images which might look good as a business card. I chose, rejected, rechose, rejected, again and again and again. In the end, I settled on five images, each of which tell a story as well as making a visual statement.

You’ll find all these images, and a variation of the one on the bottom right, elsewhere on the blog, so I won’t retell the stories here and now, but next time you see me, ask me for my card, and I’ll happily tell the tale behind the image.

I used Moo to print the cards which are made with super thick 600 gsm paper with a lovely blue seam sandwiched in between the layers.

Will the humble business card become the most important part of my marketing strategy? Time will tell.

A Benefit of Insomnia

Custom Made Business Cards by an Insomniac
Custom Made Business Cards by an Insomniac

I just couldn’t sleep last night. This is an exciting week. Normally when I can’t sleep I sit around downstairs eating cereal and wishing I was asleep. Not this time. This time I chose to put my untimely awakedness to good use. I designed two more business cards. The inspiration for the owl card is clear (I hope). The graph paper one probably indicates a degree of OCD. Whatever – I like them and I’m sure whoever chooses them will too.

If you have any good examples of customer cards or what to do when you can’t get no sleep, drop us a line with your news.