I’m helping to grow #connectinghr – will you?

This photo is a view of our garden in the early Spring. You can see the old shed and some of our apple trees bursting with leaves. I enjoy growing things, it is enormously satisfying. Growing fruit and veg, growing business, growing community.

On May 5th the #connectinghr community will get together for our second unconference. I will be helping to disorganise things. The full details are here and it would be great if you could join us. Why should you? I would like to share a couple of feelings about the last one which I hope will resonate with you.

In October 2010 I attended the first #connectinghr unconference. It was the kind of powerful community event that I really enjoy. I went along with one objective: to share. And I benefited enormously from it. I picked up loads of ideas, and the event inspired me to write and perform a little song, on the spot. That last sentence says a lot to me about inclusion, involvement and encouragement. I felt sufficiently confident to experiment. When was the last time you went to a meeting of new minds and dared to be different? In the moment.

I was and still am hugely grateful for the support of the #connectinghr community. And I want to help it grow.

Will you?

some of our garden produce
Jam, onions and garlic are among the many things we grow and make from our garden. We have more than we need and enjoy sharing with friends and neighbours.