It Started in Ohio

I love my conference trips to the USA. The chance to meet people who I’ve come to know via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et al is just too good an opportunity to miss.

Ohio is holding its 41st annual state HR conference this week, and though I can’t be there in the flesh this time, I’m there in spirit. Despite United Airline’s best attempts to foil my plans, my USA conference adventures started in Ohio last year, and so it’s a special place for me.

It was in Ohio I first met:

Steve, Jason, Joe, Fred, Erin, Karen, Heather, Dwane, Jennifer, Julie, Mary, Nicole, Ashley, Desiree, Amy and many others too.

And on it goes.

It was in Louisiana I first met:

Bryan, William (king of cupcakes), Robin, Douglas, Christine, Dominique, Crystal, Dwane (no hang on, that was Ohio – and yes, I met him here too), Nisha, Brad, Janine, Sarah, Broc and Cheryl and many others too.

And on it goes.

It was in Illinois I first met:

John, Sabrina, Susan (well OK I first had lunch with these three fine people in Chicago earlier in the year – but you get the point), John (songs about trains are the best!), Abe, Brew, Dave, Paul, Daniel, Dwane (are we following each other around or what?!), Cathy, Kris, Crystal (again – yay!), Maren and Donna and many others too.

And on it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

It takes effort to make and build connections and relationships, and it is truly worth it. I learn from these people, enjoy their company, share…you know how it is. Grateful to know you all, and apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten to mention by name.

Connections give us meaning.

Without People, You’re Nothing.

Steve Browne sent out his HRNet email recently with some HR adapted lyrics to London Calling. I’ve murdered them here and added a wee bit more too.

Photo credit: Steve Browne

Connections – by Keira

Earlier in the year I was having a conversation with Keira about making friends and getting stuff done. She scribbled down a few of her thoughts and we agreed they’d make a good blog post somewhere down the line. In the midst of everything I’ve been writing about connections, this seemed a perfect time to hand the reins over to Keira again.

Keira has guest blogged a few times before, previously writing about kindness, love and learning, and I’m pleased she is back again, writing about connections. Thanks Keira.

Even if you’re not very happy, smile at someone else to make their day better, which in turn will help you feel better. What goes around comes around.

An office is just a playground for bigger children.

The people who choose to keep a grudge and a frown are just like the bullies don’t let them dampen your spirits.

If you’re trying something new get a friend to help you. Maybe a colleague after all some of your closest friends could be from work.

It can be a scary experience going to a new work. As I said before, work is like a play ground. It wasn’t a problem for me as I’m a bit of a chatterbox. I made a friend as soon as I opened my mouth, but for some it isn’t as easy.

I enjoyed our conversation at the time and transcribing Keira’s notes across to the blog reminded me of the importance of gathering different perspectives. If you are in an office today, maybe you can find a way to make it feel a little more like a playground?