Rambling Man

Yeah I know, sometimes I go on a bit, but relax, this time I don’t mean ramble as in ‘get to the point willya!’ I’ve not blogged this week, not until now. Instead I’ve been letting my mind wander in other places. I’ve been spending time with Carole and Keira, doing a bit of cycling and a bit of goofing around, I excel at that.

I’ve been continuing to prep for next week’s launch of Creative Leadership, about which I am simultaneously nervous and excited. Oh, and after lots of form filling and patient waiting I discovered that London Underground are going to let me audition for a busking licence. More on both of these things soon.

Today – I set off on another adventure. I’m heading down to Cornwall to meet Flora and we’re going walking up the North Cornish coast. I can’t wait to get the icy sea breeze in my face and stride out along the coastal path with a good friend. And first we have dinner to enjoy in Padstow this evening.

This life is all about adventures. On the telly last night Eddie Izzard said ‘adventures are the stuff of life’. I agree with him and I encourage you to think likewise, have a most adventurous weekend folks.