Why Do You Do It?

It is 6am, Monday 1st June. My bags are packed, and a ten hour flight to Dallas awaits.

I’m off on an adventure, and in the run up to an adventure, there are two things people often ask me: ‘Why do you do it?’ and ‘How do you do it?’. The answers to both questions are intertwined.

Why and how do I do it?

I do it because I’m fortunate to be part of an extraordinary network of people, nestled within which are many, many such opportunities for adventuring. You are part of that network too.

I do it because my lovely family are kind enough to support me. Rumours that the snoring in our house desists while I’m adventuring are unsubstantiated.

I do it because I ask.

I do it because you never know when your last adventure will come along, seize the day.


This adventure starts with the excitement of Summer BrandCamp. From there I head to Cleveland to meet more friends, to see some baseball, enjoy dinner in great company, and to visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Homeward bound via Columbus, where I hope to visit some more friends before seeing Rush play live for the umpteenth time. They are an excellent live band, and this gig will be extra special as this looks likely to be part of their final tour. Thank you Carole for so generously suggesting I extend my adventure to take this in.


Less frequently, people will tell me they are jealous of me going on adventures. To anyone who feels jealous when they see someone else about to go adventuring, I offer this. I know how you feel, I used to feel like this too. The good news, is – there’s a simple cure. The first step is to park the jealousy, the key to that is to decide to go on an adventure. From there, you just push on and make it happen.

Adventuring. I do it because it’s fun, and because I can. And if I can, you can too.

Have an excellent week.

Rambling Man

Yeah I know, sometimes I go on a bit, but relax, this time I don’t mean ramble as in ‘get to the point willya!’ I’ve not blogged this week, not until now. Instead I’ve been letting my mind wander in other places. I’ve been spending time with Carole and Keira, doing a bit of cycling and a bit of goofing around, I excel at that.

I’ve been continuing to prep for next week’s launch of Creative Leadership, about which I am simultaneously nervous and excited. Oh, and after lots of form filling and patient waiting I discovered that London Underground are going to let me audition for a busking licence. More on both of these things soon.

Today – I set off on another adventure. I’m heading down to Cornwall to meet Flora and we’re going walking up the North Cornish coast. I can’t wait to get the icy sea breeze in my face and stride out along the coastal path with a good friend. And first we have dinner to enjoy in Padstow this evening.

This life is all about adventures. On the telly last night Eddie Izzard said ‘adventures are the stuff of life’. I agree with him and I encourage you to think likewise, have a most adventurous weekend folks.