Take a walk

Last week we shipped more Stop Doing Dumb Things cards in the UK and to the USA. Some of our very first shipments have arrived in the USA and Canada, and the feedback from people is lovely. Thank you.

Salima Nathoo was kind enough to pop a photo montage of her cards on Facebook and I’d like to share it here.

Salima Nathoo Stop Doing Dumb Things

Salima picked a couple of her favourite cards, and today’s blog post is about one of those, the one that says ‘Go for a walk with someone. Set up a walking meeting with some colleagues’.

Salima’s choice reminded me of our Facilitation Jam earlier in the year when Martin Couzins invited us to take a walk in the freezing cold at Greenwich Park. The different surroundings led to all sorts of interesting conversations, and different perspectives.

I’ve written previously about the importance of walking around as part of wellbeing, and Salima pointed me to this short (3.5 minutes) video by Nilofer Merchant about walking meetings.

Once you’ve ordered your set of Stop Doing Dumb Things, why not go for a walk with someone and share a few ideas about how you can make work better.

Have a great week.