Reputations are important. Good ones seem somehow fragile. Bad ones, much less so. And they are also affected by how long your relationship with them is. I want to stop a while and reflect on how people perceive the CIPD.

Compared to a lot of people in and around HR, my relationship with the CIPD is still young, and thus far I’ve found it very progressive. And yet I meet a lot of people, some members, some ex-members, some not yet members, many of whom think the CIPD is a pretty poor show. And typically their perceptions are based on stories from the past.

I’d like to share with you my views on the CIPD – based on my experiences in 2011. Three things that stand out for me this year are the CIPD Annual conference, the CIPD Social Media in HR conference and the CIPD’s presence on Twitter.

CIPD Annual Conference

I attended this year’s CIPD conference (my first time) as a member of the press. Well, as a guest blogger at least. I had a cool pass that said ‘Doug Shaw – Blogger Blogger’. When I say I had a pass, I confess, I’ve kept it. Nerdy huh?

I had a really good time. I rushed about listening to some interesting folks, and I wrote about these experiences. I put together five blog posts over two days which may not sound much but trust me, I was knackered! The CIPD provided the technical facilities for me to upload my scribblings, and not a hint of editorial control was requested. And the CIPD staff were super helpful. A fun, useful, mutually beneficial experience.

Social Media in HR Conference

I was one of the speakers at this year’s Social Media in HR conference, organised by the CIPD. I was among a raft of established HR practitioners, and the CIPD asked me to talk about enhancing engagement and participation using social tools. I’m sure they could have found another practitioner to cover this slot, and they chose me. The CIPD provided everything I needed to deliver my talk and not a hint of editorial control was requested. Guess what, yep – the CIPD staff were super helpful. I overcame my nerves and did a good job. The day was a fun, useful, mutually beneficial experience.


My year on Twitter has been fantastic, and made so by many people. People including Natalia, Robert, Bingleby, NatalieKaty, Anna and Johanna, all from the CIPD. We exchange useful stuff, and conversational fun stuff too. The human side of the organisation shines through.

Declaration of Interests

I’m not a member of the CIPD. I’m not paid by the CIPD. I’m not controlled by the CIPD and they’re certainly not controlled by me! The CIPD didn’t ask me to write this, they will find out about it the same time as you. And they’re not perfect by any means. For example I wonder how much more buzz might have been created at the recent social media conference had they been bolder and set a more affordable ticket price?

Based on my experience, the CIPD are trying hard to change, to evolve and to be more receptive. I think I’m living proof of their efforts. If your perception of the CIPD is based on the distant past, why not catch up with a more recent version?

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

11 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Hi Doug, some really positive feedback – thank you! It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting and talking with you over the past couple of years. Who’d have thought that a tweetup in Holborn would bring such long-lasting connections? Looking forward to some more great things for 2012! All the best, Natalia

    1. Cheers Nat. Yes indeed here’s to a useful enjoyable 2012 – it’s going to be a very special year for you 🙂

      1. Oh yes for sure! Will keep coming to the tweetups to catch up with you and the #connectinghr gang whilst i’m off : )

  2. I think we met briefly at the journalists dinner at CIPD – wholeheartedly agree with you. I’ve been dealing with the CIPD many years and things have shifted very positively in recent times.

  3. Doug, thank you. It’s soo good to hear we’re on the right track. I’m proud of my team and all we’ve achieved this year. It was great to meet you in Manchester last month, and even better to listen to your insights on all things Social last week! Looking forward to 2012! Cheers N

    1. Well done – good team work. Thanks – two good days eh 🙂 Like you say, here’s to a few more next year – will be fun

    1. Well it’s worked for me, I’d say so Peter. It’s funny how people often base perceptions on old stories. That’s why I wrote this – just to give one person’s up to date impression. Cheers – Doug

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