Leadership – The Trust Overlap

I’ve been doing a lot of listening lately*. From that listening is emerging a new leadership model. Here’s part one. I will share the rest as it…emerges.

What you say.

What you do.

Where they overlap, you get trust. That’s cool.

Where they don’t, you get trouble. That’s what you deserve.

*This post inspired by conversations with Jonathan Wilson, Nicky Hulm, Karen Barnett, Lindsay Rushton and Catherine Stamp. Thanks folks.

Author: Doug Shaw

Artist and Consultant. Embracing uncertainty, sketching myself into existence. Helping people do things differently, through an artistic lens.

13 thoughts on “Leadership – The Trust Overlap”

  1. Hi Davina, thanks for popping by. I like your link to the parental side of things. We learn to spot these gaps from a very early age. All of us do. It’s a shame that sometimes, when folk get surrounded by the thick comfort blanket that hierarchical leadership can become, we forget. Inconsistency blows credibility out of the water.

  2. Simple, basic and powerful – and the more you move the 2 circles towards each other, the bigger the trust you’ll get. I will draw this on my office white board!!

  3. Hi Deva, draw away 🙂 I look forward to hearing how you get on. It might be interesting to try a team version and use it to focus on a project or other activity and just get a feel for how much, or how little trust is being built up or spent. Thanks for popping by, there will be a little more to go with this soon.

  4. Hello Julia, have you checked out Think Small too? http://bit.ly/cU7H24

    Hope you can feel some of the power of doing little things. Things like saying thank you for popping by. I appreciate it and hope to see you round here again soon.

  5. I believe that your Euler diagram may be flawed.

    Rather than trust existing within the overlap of what one says and what one does, I fancy that trust exists for the whole where that overlap is large enough, but does not exist at all if that overlap is smaller.

    In the example given, where the overlap is less than 20%, I would say that there is going to be no trust at all (and, indeed, none deserved).

    1. You have outed me as a maths fail! I see what you mean and I think it is worth me trying to redraw said diagram in the hope of getting closer to your mark. I will have a go. And yes, there will be a point as the overlap diminishes when everything breaks down – good point thanks for popping by and making it your Lordship.

      1. I live for pedantry.

        I was honestly hoping that you would call it a Venn diagram, just so that I could correct you, I am that sad. 🙂

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