Slowly Bares The Soul

On arrival atĀ FacilitationĀ Jam last Friday, Flora shared with us a few words first spoken by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

And so began one of the deepest, most powerful experiences it has been my privilege to attend and share in. The time we spent together was fun, challenging, educational, observational and much more. We laughed, cried, walked, talked, dined and learned with and from each other, and we were bold beyond my high expectations.

I wrote this poem on Sunday as I reflected on my experience. I hope you like it.

Sincere thanks to David, Flora, Jools, Kev, Martin, Meg and Tash.

A Benefit of Insomnia

Custom Made Business Cards by an Insomniac
Custom Made Business Cards by an Insomniac

I just couldn’t sleep last night. This is an exciting week. Normally when I can’t sleep I sit around downstairs eating cereal and wishing I was asleep. Not this time. This time I chose to put my untimely awakedness to good use. I designed two more business cards. The inspiration for the owl card is clear (I hope). The graph paper one probably indicates a degree of OCD. Whatever – I like them and I’m sure whoever chooses them will too.

If you have any good examples of customer cards or what to do when you can’t get no sleep, drop us a line with your news.